Veasey Refuses to Raise Taxes on Working Class Families

Nov 16, 2017
Press Release
Veasey votes against H.R. 1, House Republican’s Tax Scam bill

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Marc Veasey, TX-33, issued the following statement after voting against H.R. 1, House Republican’s tax bill that will raise taxes on the lowest earners and middle class families, eliminates popular tax deductions that benefit teachers, students, sick Americans and veterans and steals from Medicare and Medicaid while slashing tax cuts for corporations and the ultra-wealthy:

“Today, I voted against a tax reform plan that heartlessly targeted the pocketbooks of hardworking American families. Tax reform that affects millions of Americans should be accomplished in a bipartisan fashion to ensure fairness for all.  That is why I provided my suggestions on how to improve the bill to help struggling families was ultimately blocked by House Republicans. My amendment would have added provisions to support the working class by strengthening families, assisting immigrants who want to become patriotic Americans, and incentivizing greater access to fresh, healthy food. In fact, consideration for all Democratic amendments were blocked in order to create their one-sided plan that favors big corporations instead of the hardworking Americans they vowed to protect. 

The tax scam that House Republican Leadership has forced through Congress is anything but the type of tax reform that will benefit American workers. Their bill will raise taxes on millions of middle-class families, steal from Medicare and Medicaid to slash taxes for the wealthiest, and make it even easier for corporations to ship American jobs overseas. For Texans, the plan would cap property tax rate deductions at $10,000, hurt families with multiple children, and keep sick Texans from deducting their medical expenses, and raises taxes on families working hard to provide a better life for their children.

The ability to invest in our country’s future is on the line and House Republicans have proven that they are willing to make teachers, students, veterans, working poor, and middle-class families suffer to ensure their corporate buddies are the only ones able to succeed in America.”

The amendments offered by Congressman Veasey mimics legislation he introduced during the 115th Congress. The Grandparents Tax Credit Act of 2017 provides a $500 refundable tax credit to lessen the out-of-pocket costs that grandparents take when they serve as primary caregivers for their grandchildren. The Promise of Citizenship Act would reduce the out of pocket costs of successfully applying for U.S. citizenship by providing a $500 refundable tax credit for newly naturalized citizens. The Farmers Markets for Food Deserts Act ensures that families living in food deserts have reliable access to fresh and nutritious foods year-round.