Reps. Veasey, Wright Introduce Bill to Protect Critical U.S. Transportation Infrastructure and Save American Jobs

May 18, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, Congressmen Marc Veasey (TX-33) and Ron Wright (TX-06) introduced the bipartisan Airport Infrastructure Resources (AIR) Security Act. The AIR Security Act would prohibit federal airport improvement funds from being used to purchase passenger boarding bridges from companies that have violated intellectual property (IP) rights and threaten the national security of the U.S. This is an issue critical to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, home to some of the nation’s largest airports and companies that manufacture parts related to airport passenger bridges.

“The aviation industry is a critical piece of our North Texas economy that employs thousands of Texans,” said Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33). “I am proud to co-sponsor this legislation with my colleague, Rep. Wright, that will help protect jobs for hardworking North Texans by making sure there is a price to pay for IP theft. Our nation is long overdue for investments in infrastructure. As we emerge from the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic, one way to help rebuild the economy and get Americans back to work is by rebuilding our infrastructure. However, it is important that as we make these investments we are not rewarding foreign state-owned enterprises who have a history of IP violations.”