Reps. Veasey and Escobar Protect Immigrants from False Legal Representation

Apr 10, 2019
Press Release
The Notario Victim Relief Act will give immigrants who have fallen victim to fraudulent legal representation the ability to refile their cases without time constraints.

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Marc Veasey (TX-33) and Rep. Veronica Escobar (TX-16) introduced the Notario Victim Relief Act to give immigrants an opportunity to seek legal asylum status, permanent residency or protected temporary stay after falling victim to fraudulent legal representation. For many immigrants, false legal representation could mean a denial of temporary protective status or a deportation order.

“From the termination of DACA to the humanitarian crisis at our southern border, Trump has made a complicated immigration system impossible to navigate for immigrant families,” said Rep. Veasey. “The chaos caused by Trump has created a perfect breeding ground for notario publicos, who prey on immigrant families looking to lawfully stay in our country. This bill is an important step to protect vulnerable and too often unseen victims of our broken U.S. immigration process.”

“Unfortunately, ‘notarios’ exploit many in border communities like my hometown of El Paso,” said Rep. Escobar. “This legislation will enable victims of fraud a second chance to obtain their desired immigration relief. While the Trump administration is in the midst of a crisis of leadership, I am glad to partner with my colleagues to continue to offer tangible solutions for this vulnerable population.”

This legislation will amend the statute of limitations in the Immigration and Nationality Act to remove the 90-day time limit to refile immigration related paperwork for victims of legal misrepresentation or negligence. Victims will have an opportunity to reopen their cases, seek proper legal services, and file a motion to reopen a removal proceeding without time constraints.