Rep. Veasey’s Patriot Employer Act Would Fix A Rigged Economy

Nov 16, 2017
Press Release
Blue Collar Caucus Co-Chairs, Veasey and Boyle partner with Rep. Schakowsky to help working families

Washington, D.C.—As House Republicans gear up to vote on their devastating tax scam that keeps the system rigged against American workers and middle class families, Congressman Veasey, TX-33, touts the recently introduced Patriot Employer Act, that would provide a tax credit to companies who provide fair wages and a range of benefits to workers.

Unlike the Republican tax scam, Blue Collar Caucus Member Jan Schakowsky’s (IL-9) legislation, which Congressman Veasey co-sponsored, would not add to the national deficit because it also closes a tax loophole that corporations use to ship jobs overseas. The loophole costs the U.S. Treasury approximately $50 billion each year at a time when outsourced jobs and stagnant wages force more American families to turn to safety net programs to make ends meet.

“Blue collar workers are the backbone of our economy, but their efforts have not been rewarded even as corporate profits have skyrocketed, said Congressman Marc Veasey. “That is why I’m proud to co-sponsor the Patriot Employer Act that rewards companies who keep good-paying jobs right here at home. This is the better deal hardworking families need, not a Republican tax scam that would tack on an expiration date for tax cuts for individuals while making big tax breaks for giant corporations permanent.”

As a Co-Chair of the Blue Collar Caucus, Veasey continues to hold President Trump account for the promises he’s made to the working people. As Co-Chair of the Access to Jobs Task Force, Congressman Veasey continues to be a voice for the American worker as House Republicans continue to stack the deck against them.