Rep. Veasey and Senator Warner Lead 170 Members of Congress in a Letter to Trump and Secretary Carson on Shutdown Housing Crisis

Jan 17, 2019
Press Release
Letter Urges Trump to immediately end the shutdown and re-open the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Washington,D.C. – Today, Members of Congress sent a letter to President Trump on the direct and immediate consequences of the shutdown on housing stability for more than four million households across the country. Both the short-term operations and long-term viability of affordable housing programs are dependent on Housing and Urban Development’s rental assistance initiatives. An estimated 2.2 million low income households are among those at risk of eviction, including housing for thousands of veterans, seniors, and people living with disabilities. 

“Every day that the Trump shutdown continues, more Texas children and families are placed in immediate danger of losing their housing,” said Rep. Veasey. “Public servants and their families should never be faced with eviction from their homes. No family should lose their home over a wall the majority of Americans do not support. This must end. That’s why Senator Warner and I urged the President and Secretary Carson to put aside politics and consider the unjust burden on Americans across the country.

“By now, virtually every American has either been hurt by this shutdown, or knows someone who has,” said Sen. Warner. “No one – particularly our most vulnerable citizens – should have to lose their home just so that the President can make a political point. This has to stop now. The President must allow the government to re-open before the damage gets even worse.”

Text of the letter can be found below
. PDF of the letter with signatures is available here.