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Congressman Marc Veasey

Representing the 33rd District of Texas


Mar 21, 2013
Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Marc Veasey Votes for Democratic Budget Alternative.
Today Congressman Marc Veasey voted against the Republican Ryan budget. The budget slashes critical investments in our future and hurts women, students, seniors and middle class families. Among the cuts are $98 billion for the Pell Grant program and $810 billion for Medicare. It also denies 27 million Americans access to affordable health care and drastically cuts nutrition assistance which currently serves 48 million people.
Congressman Veasey released the following statement following today’s vote:
“Budgets are a statement of values.  Sixty-six percent of cuts in the Republican Ryan budget affect seniors and low to moderate-income families. This budget does nothing to move the country forward on jobs, health care and education. It would cost two million jobs next year alone, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and eliminate the entire mandatory Pell Grant program.
The Republican majority did nothing to stop the sequester on March 1, and in fact, this bill doubles those cuts.  Their budget plan is an affront to Dallas-Fort Worth families who are working hard to put food on the table and achieve the American Dream. I believe in balancing the budget, but not on the backs of our students, grandparents and middle class.
What we need is a budget based on values of fairness, opportunity and equality. The Democratic budget alternative does just that – it invests $200 billion in creating jobs and includes targeted spending cuts. I firmly support this plan and will continue fighting for working-class families every day. It’s time yet again for Republicans to stop the partisan politics and put the interests of the American people first.”


Los presupuestos son una manifestación de valores.  Sesenta y seis por ciento de los recortes en el presupuesto del Congresista Ryan afectan a las personas mayores y a las familias con bajos ingresos.  Este presupuesto no ayuda en poner el país adelante en áreas como el trabajo, salud y educación.  Más bien cortará 2 millones de trabajos el próximo año, revocará la reforma del Affordable Care Act y eliminará por completo el programa educativo del Pell Grant.