Congressman Veasey (TX-33) Votes on Historic Package to Deliver Transformative Change for Texans

Nov 19, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Veasey (TX-33) today voted for the Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376). The package is a once-in-a-generation package to lower the everyday costs that burden working families – from health care to child care and more. In addition, the package includes Veasey-led priorities to close the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid, fortify Texas’s power grid, and invest in local clean energy initiatives. Together, the Build Back Better Act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill will create an estimated average of 2 million jobs each year over the decade. 

"Texans from all backgrounds and walks of life will benefit from the Build Back Better Act,” said Congressman Veasey. “This legislation will deliver transformational action to provide families with a middle-class tax cut, expand access to health care, fight climate change, create jobs, and so much more. I am proud to join my colleagues to vote on this once-in-a-generation package that will deliver results for our constituents in communities across the country.’ 

Key provisions Veasey advocated for are included in Build Back Better Act. Specifically, the package will close the Medicaid coverage gap to help millions of Americans gain health insurance – a major priority that Veasey has long fought for. Additionally, the Build Back Better Act secures key Veasey-led priorities to combat climate change by providing grants to state and localities to support initiatives that will reduce fossil fuel emissions and conserve energy, and invests clean energy technology in electric vehicles. 

The Build Back Better Plan:

  • Lowers health care costs: By negotiating lower drug costs for seniors; halting outrageous price hikes above inflation; and expanding the ACA to make coverage more affordable for those who buy insurance on their own.
  • Lowers child care & family care costs: By expanding the basic promise of free schooling in America for the first time in 100 years with universal pre-school for all 3- and 4-year olds; slashing families’ child care costs; extending the landmark Biden Child Tax Credit; and expanding access to affordable home care for older adults and those with disabilities. 
  • Provides the largest investment to combat climate crisis in history: By cutting pollution, reducing energy costs, and making transformational investments to ensure America leads the clean energy economy all while creating millions of good-paying jobs here in the United States, 
  • The Build Back Better Act lowers costs and fights inflation because it is fully paid for by making big corporations & the wealthiest pay their fair share. No one making under $400,000 will pay a penny more in taxes.

See a full summary of the Build Back Better Act from the White House here and what the legislation will do for the state of Texas here